EHS Roadway Reconfigured to Improve Safety

EHS Front Entrance

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. – In our continuing effort to ensure a safe and welcoming environment at the Essex Community Educational Center, some significant changes have been made to Educational Drive in front of Essex High School. The stretch of roadway between the main entrance and guidance lobby entrance has been reconfigured to include a slight arc in the roadway in an effort to decrease the speed of vehicular traffic and make the stretch safer for pedestrians.


Handicapped parking has been preserved around the arc, while the visitor parking spaces formerly located in front of the flag pole have been eliminated. Visitor parking will now be in the parking spaces around the ‘horse shoe,’ previously designated as faculty and staff parking.


“Stemming from a community conversation event two years ago, that the U#46 School Board hosted, work has been ongoing to improve the function and appearance of the exterior of the Educational Center, particularly at the front entrance area. A clear outcome of the discussion with the public was that the excellence found within the building – in the students, staff and faculty of EHS and CTE – needs to be more evident on the outside. Improvements to the doors and lobby area, as well as work to create a green park-like area, all took place two summers ago,” said U#46 School Board Chair Brian Donahue.


“This summer, in conjunction with a long needed repaving project, a further change was made to extend the green, increase the distance idling cars may be from the front entrance, and slow down traffic directly in front of the building. All of these improvements will better serve the students and adults that utilize this very busy community asset year round.”


The road update was engineered and designed with state requirements/standards in terms of radius and widths, as this new configuration includes repairs to the curb in front of the library.


Once the school year starts again on August 31, it will be imperative that parents do not drop off/pick up their students in front of the school. Student drop off/pick up should occur only within the designated drop off/pick up area within parking lots A or B. Thank you in advance for your assistance.