Web Accessibility


General Statement

Every effort is made to ensure that pages and links to information are accessible. We used Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Best Practices as guidelines and standards for this website.


Breadcrumbs are used on the site. Breadcrumbs are a series of links that show the trail back to the home page. Headings Proper Headings are used on this website to show the hierarchy and organization of information on each page. Headings are used to help navigate through the pages.


Every effort has been made to write links that are unique and that make sense when read out of context. Links are designed to open in the same window to avoid user disorientation. Return to the previous page by clicking the back button on your web browser.

Using Magnification Tools

Users who have low-vision and need to magnify the entire page may find that using “Magnify Text” (button is located in a footer of every CCSU webpage) functionality works better for them as there are more options for magnification strength and other display settings.

To magnify only certain areas of the site, website users are recommended to use the zoom-in hotkeys available in most browsers.

Press the “CTRL” + “+” keys at the same time to magnify
Keep pressing the “+” keys to continue magnifying
Use the “CTRL” + “-” keys to undo the magnification
Use the “CTRL” + “0” keys to return to default

Press the Apple Command button + “+” keys to magnify
Press Apple Command + “–” keys to undo the magnification
Press Apple Command + “0” keys to return to default

Specifying Contrast Settings

Some users need higher or a different color contrast to see content on pages. For example, users may find it easier to see light text on a dark background, dark text on a light background, or in grayscale. Please use “Inverse Text” functionality (button is located in a footer of every CCSU webpage) to inverse color of text for easier reading.

Documents & Known Compliance Issues

We recognize many of the Portable Document Format (PDF) documents linked to our website are not fully accessible. We are in the process of re-mediating these files. For a report of documents undergoing remediation and an update on progress, please contact us. If you experience problems accessing a document and need assistance, please contact the Assistive Technology Coordinator.

We are also in the process of completing fixes that were identified in a recent accessibility audit. For a list of identified issues and an update on progress, please contact us.


Disclaimer – The Google translation links are provided with the aim of improving our website access to people of non-English speaking backgrounds. Google Translate is service provided by Google. Any problems you experience while using Google Translate are outside our control. CCSU is not responsible for the effectiveness of Google Translate. Please note: Google offers an alternative translation page in a non-Java format.
The CCSU makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this website and to promptly update it to comply with changes in the law.

Problems with Accessibility On This Website

If you are

  • using assistive technology and are having problems with this website
  • having difficulty accessing a document posted on our website
  • having difficulty accessing a link posted on our website
  • need an access to online information or functionality that is currently inaccessible
  • information or a link to information instructing how to file more formal grievance
    under Section 504 or Title II

please contact:

Vince Gonillo, Executive Director of Technology
Chittenden Central Supervisory Union
51 Park Street, Essex Jct, VT 05452
802-857-7000 ext 1040