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To leave a message for an employee first dial 857-7000 then the 4 digit extension listed next to their name.

Central Office Administration

Amy Cole

Amy ColeExec.Director of  4004

Judith DeNova

Judith  4018

Vince Gonillo

Vince GonilloExec. Director of  1040

Erin Maguire

Erin MaguireExec.Director of Student Support  5575

Paul O`Brian

Paul O`BrianLegal  4018

Deb Robbins-Anderson

Deb Robbins-AndersonExec. Director of Human  5584
Administrative or Clerical Staff

Martha Austin

Martha Austin Systems 4007

Kathleen Barron

Kathleen Barron Finance and Accounting 4008

Maxine Breuer

Maxine Breuer Human Resources 5584

Ben Dickie

Ben Dickie Exec. Assistant/Communications   4018

Sandy Emery

Sandy Emery Assistant Director of Human 4016

Kim Gawor

Kim Gawor Educational Assessment 4006
 Cristopher Hall Bookkeeper/Financial 4204

Anita Hall

Anita Hall Payroll/Accounting 4017

Rachel Kahn

Rachel Kahn Assistant to the Director of Student Support 4019

Holly Kimball

Holly Kimball Assistant to Curriculum 4002

Jean Lawrance

Jean Lawrance Receptionist/Finance 4012

Sandy Sherman

Sandy Sherman Payroll/Accounting 4020
 Meghan Smith Physical 

Jayne Tessitore

Jayne Tessitore Medicaid 4013
Technology Department

Merrill Allen

Merrill Allen IT 1028

Glenn Cioffi

Glenn Cioffi Computer 1268

Carmen Cormier

Carmen Cormier VOiP Network 1027

Heather Cross

Heather Cross 1039
 Craig Donnan Network 1030

Thomas Haselton

Thomas Haselton Computer 1033

Stephen Jarvis

Stephen Jarvis Computer 1273

Helen Kurdyukova

Helen Kurdyukova Programmer/ 1255

Ben Lawrence

Ben Lawrence Education Technology 1214

Eric Machat

Eric Machat 1234

Kenny Madsen

Kenny Madsen Lead 1034
 Lisa McClellan Technology Director 1085

Mike Meier

Mike Meier Programmer/ 1041

Seth Moore

Seth Moore Lead Network 1042

Jon Orton

Jon Orton Lead Technician 1181

Paul Scharf

Paul Scharf Computer 1246
Essex Jct. Recreation and Parks
 Katie Boller Preschool Assistant 
 Alyssa Callan Assistant School Age Childcare 

Caitlin Fay

Caitlin Fay Office 4401

Kristen Fleming

Kristen Fleming Hiawatha Daytime Student Support & Afterschool 
 Crystal Hendry Preschool Assistant 

Brad Luck

Brad Luck EJRP  4406

Denise Malm

Denise Malm Fleming Daytime Student Support & Afterschool 

Christina Mclaughlin

Christina Mclaughlin Preschool 1218
 Harlan Smith Facilities 4414
 Adam Sollace Director of Licensed 4409
 Mathew Taranto Summit Daytime Student Support & Afterschool Site