Steps to Respect

The Steps to Respect program takes a whole-school approach to bullying, bringing staff, students, and families into the picture. A school-wide approach sends a message to students that it’s safe to come forward when there is a problem and that adults will take steps to help them.

Elements of the Program
  • A comprehensive Program Guide gives administrators, teachers, and counselors step-by-step tools for developing policies and implementing the program.
  • In-depth training ensures that all adults who have contact with students integrate core program concepts into every aspect of the school day.
  • Engaging classroom lessons for Grades 3-5 or 4-6 give children the skills they need to recognize and refuse bullying, maintain friendships, and resolve conflicts.
  • Coaching training and booster sessions provide extra support for staff members.
  • Family trainings and materials reinforce bullying prevention skills at home.

Click here to view how the Steps to Respect curriculum aligns with the CCSU Health Power Standards and Power Indicators (pdf)