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Trimester 3: Au Marché

Visitez les  Monuments de Paris (Famous Landmarks in Paris!)

Trimester 2 Links:

Le Tour des Pays Francophones (Virtual Tour of French-Speaking Countries)


1.  Où habites-tu? (where do you live?)

Languages Online Section 9

BBC Schools French

WatchKnow Video (conversation)

2.  La Famille

BBC Primary French 2

Languages Online Section 7 (How old are you & Family members)

Trimestre 3: le printemps! 2011

All students – how well do you know words for fruits & légumes en français? Check here!

*  les fruits (languageguide)                 *  les légumes (languageguide)

Websites to Explore en français!

Digital Dialects

Languages Online

La météo à Paris (France)

Montreal en Lumière (High Lights Festival)

French Connection News – Jan ‘10

French News! November, 2009

French News Jan 2010

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