Child Nutrition Services

Sep 20, Wednesday:

National Peach Pie Day

SEPTEMBER is also:

  • National Chicken Month
  • National Honey Month
  • National Mushroom Month
  • National Papaya Month
  • National Potato Month
  • National Rice Month

Today’s Lunch Menu


Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Vegan Veggie Burger served on a Whole Grain RollAvailable at : ADL, Fleming, Hiawatha, Summit, Westford


Choice of: Soft Shell Burrito, Nachos, Tacos
Hot Options: Taco Meat, Beans, Peppered Corn, Rice, Roasted Onions & Peppers
Cold Options: Vegetables, Olives, Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Salsa and Shredded CheddarAvailable at : EHS

CCSU Child Nutrition Services provides meals at Hiawatha School, Summit Street School, Thomas Fleming School, Albert D. Lawton School, Westford School, the Essex Community Educational Center, and the Essex Skating Facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CCSU Child Nutrition Services

Free and Reduced Price School Meals Information 2015-16


CCSU Meal Prices

(Please make checks payable to the CCSU Food Service)

Location Breakfast Lunch Extra Entree Beverage
ADL, Westford, Summit, Fleming, Hiawatha Student $2.00 $3.25 $1.75 $0.75
ADL, Westford, Summit, Fleming, Hiawatha Adult $2.50 $4.00 $2.50 $0.75
EHS,CTE (regular meal / chef special) Student $2.00 / $3.25 $3.25 / $4.50 $1.75 $0.75
EHS,CTE (regular meal / chef special) Adult $2.50 / $4.00 $4.00 / $4.70 $2.50 $0.75
Rink Cafe Student $4.50 $3.00 $0.75
Rink Cafe Adult $4.75 $3.25 $0.75