Update Concerning the April 12 Incident at EHS

Good morning,

I wanted to reach out and share with you that we have been made aware that the Essex Police Department in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have identified those responsible in regards to the event that took place at Essex High School on April 12.

I am deeply grateful for the work of law enforcement agencies in investigating this incident and identifying those responsible. Additionally, I would like to extend my gratitude to local, state and federal law enforcement on behalf of the entire school district and the Essex community for not only their diligence with the investigation, but the tremendous response of law enforcement and emergency responders on the day of the incident. I want to commend the responders who acted swiftly and did an excellent job of keeping our staff and students safe. We are very appreciative that no one was harmed physically on the day of the incident, but we continue to provide support for the trauma that was caused for so many of our students and staff.

The sustained efforts of our law enforcement agencies are to be commended. We are very fortunate to have an incredible and collaborative relationship with our local law enforcement agencies and first responders.

This is a criminal matter and we will remain fully cooperative as the criminal investigation continues to unfold, as we have faith in our judicial system and the efforts of law enforcement.

We will continue to be vigilant with our safety drills and reviewing our protocols moving forward so that we have the training to support students and staff for these types of situations. The importance of the drills we do and the efforts of our staff to put those protocols into action, allowed law enforcement to successfully do their job in a timely manner and in an intense situation.

Our utmost concern is the safety of our students, staff, and the communities that we live in, and we will continue our efforts to help ensure this.

Judith DeNova,
CCSU Superintendent