CCSU Schools Latest Update – April 13, 3:25 p.m.

Good afternoon,

I wanted to share the latest update that we have received from the Essex Police Department (EPD) in regards to the threat made yesterday concerning Essex High School. While the investigation is still ongoing, the threat has been greatly diminished.

To read the latest statement from the EPD, click here.

I would like to personally thank the EPD, the Vermont State Police, and other local law enforcement agencies for their responsiveness, tireless work, and continued efforts to keep our students and staff safe day in and day out. The resolve and courage that our students and staff who were involved is also highly commendable. When faced with a threat of this level, they relied on the safety training that they have received and followed protocols, practices and drills, which greatly aided the work of law enforcement.

School was back in session this morning, as additional supports and counseling were available and we will continue to provide additional resources. Law enforcement officials will provide a presence at schools in Essex Junction as well while the investigation is ongoing.

We will continue to cooperate and communicate with local law enforcement agencies, as safety is our top priority. If you see or hear of anything unusual regarding this incident please contact the Essex Police Department at: 878-8331

Your continued support has been greatly appreciated,

Judith DeNova,
CCSU Superintendent