Grab & Go Delivery

Our new “Express Line” at EHS has grown wheels! We are pleased to announce, due to several requests, that we will now be offering delivery of our signature salads and sandwiches (menus are attached). Please click here to access our online order form. We’ll need to receive orders no later than 8:45am to ensure deliver on the same day. We will be delivering to EJRP at approximately 9:30, and Central Office at approximately 10:15.

All grab and go sandwiches and salads are $4.50. We will debit your food service account from our office. If you don’t have an account, Bob Clifford or myself could set one up for you (879-5544,, or Once you have a food service account established, you can use MySchoolAccount to manage it. To set up your account, you will need a pin number that Bob or I can provide to you.