School Boards/Teachers Ratify Collective Bargaining Agreements

As the school year ended, the Essex Junction-Westford Education Association and their three employing school boards (Prudential Committee, Westford, and Essex Union #46) unanimously ratified new collective bargaining agreements for the 2014-2016 school years. The new unified contract for teachers succeeds the three teacher agreements due to expire June 30, 2014.

“For the first time, there is now a unified teacher agreement across the Chittenden Central Supervisory Union (CCSU), which enables greater flexibility to share staff amongst districts, as well as saving time and resources to manage one contract,” said Westford School Board Chair Mark Drapa.

• The new contract provides more flexibility for assigning teacher work and new language regarding teacher evaluations has been improved.
• The insurance has been changed for the U#46 and Essex Junction districts to reinstate a plan anticipated to be less costly to the districts. Employee contributions for this plan increase by 2%, while employee shares of health premiums increase in the second year of the agreement by 1%.
• In Westford, both the work day and work year were increased to be consistent w/ U#46 and Essex Junction.
• There is an increase of new money of 3.5% the first year of the contract and 3.75% the second year. This is within the comparable range of other settlements across Chittenden County.

Also, the Essex Junction-Westford Education Association Support Staff Unit and their two employing school boards (Prudential Committee and Essex Union #46) unanimously ratified a new unified collective bargaining agreement for the 2014-2017 school years. The unified agreement provides for 3.5% increase in salaries annually, and continuation of support staff sharing costs for health insurance premiums.

“I am appreciative of the collaborative work of both the School Board Negotiations Council and the Essex Junction-Westford Education Association Negotiations Council with modernizing and establishing common language, which provides increased flexibility, unity and equity across the Supervisory Union,” said CCSU Superintendent Judith DeNova. “I commend the parties for settling and unifying the contracts prior to the expiration of the current agreements.”

Essex Junction, Westford, and Union #46 are member districts of Chittenden Central Supervisory Union.

Submitted by,
CCSU Executive Committee