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National Guidelines Positively Impact Consumption of Healthy Foods posted on Oct 17, 2012          Go Back

Now that  the new USDA guidelines for school lunchrooms have been in place for a couple of months, CCSU Food Services is seeing a difference in what our students and staff  eat. Check out the list of produce below to see the increase in fruits and veggies CCSU students and staff are consuming each week:

Food Item Weekly Consumption % Increase
Artichoke Hearts 15 Pounds +200%
Black Beans 196 Pounds +1940%
Kidney Beans 60 Pounds +500%
Beets 48 Pounds +800%
Broccoli Fresh 75 Pounds +300%
Carrots Baby Fresh 60 Pounds +100%
Cucumbers Fresh 135 Pounds +280%
Edamame 45 Pounds +400%
Green Peppers Fresh 4 ½ Bushels +425%
Red Peppers Fresh 3 ½ Bushels +725%
Romaine Lettuce Crowns Fresh 180 Pounds +300%
Arugula Lettuce Fresh 96 Heads New
Mesclun Lettuce Fresh 33 Pounds +190%
Baby Spinach Fresh 36 Pounds +300%
Radishes Fresh 1 Pound New
Yellow Squash Fresh 60 Pounds New
Zucchini Squash Fresh 50 Pounds New
Tomatoes Fresh 100 Pounds +195%
Homemade Salsa Fresh 16 gallons New
Homemade Fat Free Ranch Dressing Low Sodium 15 Gallons New
Oranges Fresh 791 Count +700%
Strawberries Fresh 160 Pounds New
Blueberries Fresh 72 Pints New
Fat Free Cabot Yogurt assorted Flavors 175 Pounds New
Cantaloupe Fresh 28 Melons New
Honeydew Fresh 32 Melons New
Grapes Red and Green Fresh 198 Pounds +600%
Apples Assorted 1750 Apples +150%
Bananas 600 Bananas +425%
Ketchup 2 Gallons -400%
Sodium Less than 1 # -600%


           Visit CCSU Food Service website to see our Menus and learn about the CCSU Nutrition  Standards

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